Monday, October 3, 2011

Shopkick app review

     In a time where we as consumers look for anyway to save money, I keep my eyes open for a way where you can get a decent value and Shopkick is one app I have found to be a value for what you get. Before I get into anything on what it is about I just want to disclose that I have not been paid for my review nor have I contacted Shopkick for any type of compensation for the review.
     What is Shopkick? Shopkick is an app you can download on your iPhone or Android smart phone that works like a shopping assistant of sorts. What the app does is use your current GPS locator and list stores that are in the area that have sales or discounts happening at that time. Now that isn’t anything new there but that is just the “shop” part of Shopkick. The “kick” portion is their reward program. Shopkick has partnered up with many retailers that all you need to do in some cases is just walk into the store and you get points or “kicks”. You then accumulate kicks that can be redeemed for gift cards at the retailers you have been visiting. There is a list of rewards on the app itself that you can redeem your kicks for.
     My experience with the app has been pretty effortless and very easy to use. I was in Target and once I opened the app, it gave me a list of current items that were on sale that weren’t in the weekly circular. Shopkick also gave me a chance to accumulate “kicks” by entering a certain aisle and scanning a particular item. In my case it was HP printer ink and all I did was hit the scan option on the app, took a quick scan of the item and had 15 kicks added to my account. Not too shabby considering I’m always looking at ink cartridge prices in case they go on sale. So I was getting points for something I would normally look at anyways. In my area there where over 25 stores listed with either sales or ways to get kicks. The local mall near my house had a program where you got kicks by just walking into the mall and opening the app. You don’t have to go into any stores, just walk in the main entrance of the mall and immediately get kicks.
     Of course, you will need to register to take full advantage of what the program can do but that’s as simple as downloading the app and verifying your phone number in the app. Once you do that you will be able to get immediate discount that will appear on your phone when entering the stores. Once again, who doesn’t like to score a sale?
     I like this app for the ease of use, the cost (it’s free to download), and the fact then while I am out picking up things or shopping with the family I can get perks for use later. If you have a smartphone I recommend you give this a try. If you are a little leery on loading apps on your phone without knowing what it is you can check out the website at There you can get information on who they are and how they operate plus catch a video on how the program works.

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