Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Results for the NFL selections for week 10/2/2011

     The results are in and for those who followed my picks; you may or may not have done well. I never said I was Jimmy the Greek but I try!! Coming into this week I have a record of 9-7 against the spread and 9-7 as a straight pick ‘em. Hoping to improve upon those numbers I went out on a limb with some of my choices. Some paid off while others just were stupid with hind sight being 20/20. Let’s take a look at how the game faired.
    With the 1:00 pm games I went with Detroit, New Orleans, San Francisco, Washington, Cleveland, Buffalo, Minnesota, Carolina, and Pittsburgh. I never thought I would say this but I absolutely love Detroit. Not only are they really putting together a great comeback story but they kicked the tar out of my favorite team to hate, Dallas. Coming back from 24 points and winning is my game of the week to watch again. Just saying. New Orleans is putting back together and is quietly picking up steam. San Francisco did what I said they would do to many who questioned that choice, exposed Philly for what they are, frauds. I thought Washington would have put up better numbers and nearly blew the game in the fourth quarter but they did what was needed after last Monday’s loss. I take back anything bad I said about Tennessee. I forgot they have a quarterback that is used to playing with little to no offensive support. Remember how I said Buffalo would work thru the big game hangover? I was so wrong on that comment. Buffalo is still a good team but they proved to me that they still have some work to do before hitting prime time. Could someone please explain to me how you keep losing games with AP as your running back? A decimated Kansas City team not only won the game but really smacked the Vikings around most of the game. Hey Minnesota, you may want to look at the waiver wire for some help, some guy named Garrard is out there. Cam and Carolina played a great game but fell short in beating the Bears. It wasn’t so much the Bears defense that won the game for them but special teams and some guy named Forte. This just in, Matt Forte is pretty good. I am going on record with this comment and saying Pittsburgh is getting old and is all done. After watching that game and seeing how Houston just manhandled both offense and defensive lines, Pittsburgh should look into upgrading in the age department. I take back my comments on Houston and believe in them!! Believe me, he can’t do any worse for your franchise than the guy you have in place now. With all my comments in the final count after 1:00 was 5-4 against the spread and 4-5 as a straight pick ‘em. Bring on the late games to bail me out!!
     On the late games for Sunday I had Seattle, Giants, Miami, Denver, New England, and Baltimore. For Monday I took Tampa. Starting with the Seattle pick, it wasn’t so much a pick for them as a pick against an Atlanta team that doesn’t play well on the road. Seattle almost pulled it off at the end missing a 61 yard field goal but still gave Atlanta a run. The Giants pulled off another miracle win with the help of the refs. I am not going to complain because a win is a win. Miami just got the heads handed to them by San Diego and rightfully so. I should know better than to go against the Chargers at home. Denver clearly put the local Pop Warner team on the field because any professional player should have been embarrassed to say the played for that team on Sunday. Oh, and just for the record Mr. Announcers that were calling the game on television, Rodgers is not equal to Brady. I’m not saying this because I am a homer but let’s put the resumes side by side and see which one stands out. Once again, just saying. Speaking of Brady, New England did what they always do after a loss, win. It was nice to see the defense for New England show up for a few series though. The Sunday night game put Air Sanchez verse Baltimore. I think my exact words were good luck counting on Sanchez to win. How about three Baltimore defensive touchdowns? Um, ah, well… I got nothing other than that. It’s hard to keep kicking someone when they are already down. To finish off the week I had Tampa last night and other than two luck screen passes to Garcon, Indy looked terrible. So looking at this batch of games, I went 4-3 verse the spread and 4-3 as the pick ‘em. That leaves a grand total for the week of 9-7 verse the spread and 8-8 as the pick ‘em.
     Over the past two weeks I am 18-14 verse the spread and 17-15 as the pick ‘em. So for those of you playing along, if we are in Vegas, we are ahead of the game so far. If you are in the office pools, we are not doing so well. Hopefully I can get a bigger lead going into the next few weeks with fewer games to pick from. I’ll be seeing on Friday with the next installment. Have a great week!!

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