Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Verizon Wireless changes data plans

     According to information from a few reps I have spoken to on the 800 service and published reports, Verizon will be moving to tiered data plans. The expected move will take place on July 7th. This means the only unlimited data plan carrier left is Sprint as far as post paid services. Metro PCS offers unlimited plans but they are a prepaid service.

     Those of you on an unlimited plan with Verizon right now need not to worry. If you are current on an unlimited plan, this will not effect you. If you have been on the fence with getting a smart phone, you have today to get on the unlimited bandwagon or try and guess what you will use for data. The expected plans are said to be $30 for 2gb, $50 for 5gb, and $80 for 10gb. Each will have overage charges of $10 per gigabyte. Just to give you an idea on usage, most smart phones will use about 50 - 100 megabytes on just performing updates to installed software. If you have email, a Facebook account, or any other social media account you will more than likely need to 10gb plans.

     The idea of tier plans is ideal for the carrier. It will help limit those that use tremendous amount of data every month and free up the network for other users. Better network management means better service for all. I can appreciate that. I have asked reps for the company how this will effect upgrades if you are currently on an unlimited plan. Right now they are under the assumption that any account change will trigger a data plan change. This is my only complaint if this is true. Why should those already on an unlimited plan be penalized for upgrading to a new phone? I will have to wait until official word comes out but not to happy if this is true. I carry four lines and upgrade them quite often but no need to panic until the announcement. Tomorrow will bring all the details and may give some of us something to think about on possibly changing carriers.

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