Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony verdict, the aftermath.

     As I sit here watching all the talking heads give their opinions on why the verdict came back the way it did, I can't help but laugh. Not so much at how the verdict came about but more so how over analyzed this will be. The media has its experts and the lawyers will do interviews on what they think but ultimately it doesn't mean a hill of beans.

     I'm not here to point out the flaws in the legal system, especially Florida's legal system, but this was not a good case to go for the death penalty. The evidence was weak at best. The state went after Casey Anthony based on what the public wanted to see, not what they could prove. Despite the fact you may think we are a civilized society, we still have quite a bit of blood lust. The state would have been better suited to try for involuntary manslaughter. I believe the jury would've been more likely to convict for that. The state gambled on the notion they could get a jury to look past the circumstantial evidence and play connect the dots. Anthony had a great legal team in the sense they held that reasonable doubt card in front of the juror's face all the time.

     I have my own beliefs on this case and have kept them quiet until this verdict. I followed along like everyone else and watched as the details unfolded. I have four kids at home and could never imagine doing anything to them like what happened to that child. Duct taped and left in a trunk to die is a horrible end to any life, young or old. Do I think she is guilty? I say yes. Do I think the jurors felt she was guilty? I do feel that they did think she was guilty. I think the fact the case was so weak and the thought of sending someone to die based on a weak case reflected the not guilty verdict. I know I wouldn't want that to weigh on my head if i was a juror
     I hope the legal system will learn from this case. Sometimes the choice of lesser charges is the better way than going for the homerun. The public will be outraged by such a move but that will pass. In this case, would you much rather see someone walk away free or atleast serve some penance? What this final closure comes down to is Casey Anthony may have done all her prison time for lying to police but will have to live with whatever demons she will keep with her over this child's death.

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