Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another oil spill in the U.S. When do we start holding the companies accountable?

     It has been reported that an oil leak was found near Billing, Montana. ExxonMobil reported that the lol that runs underneath the Yellowstone River had ruptured and was releasing oil into the river. Estimated oil spilt so far has been around 1,000 barrels or 42,000 gallons. ExxonMobil has dispatched a cleanup crew to Laurel, Montana to start the process of capturing the oil. Oil clicks have been reported along the banks of the river at this time.

     This is yet another spill into the wilds of the United States. Just over the past couple of years we had the Eagle Otome oil tanker collide with another vessel causing a spill into the hundreds of thousands into the ocean. Then the was the Deepwater Horizon that caused so much damage to the Gulf Coast. There are still issues that remain in that area from the catastrophic spill.

     I am no environmentalist or activist but even I'm annoyed at this point. With these companies making billions per quarter, where the hell is the increased inspection and safety protocols? I see commercials on how they are making fuels cleaner with better riding processes. I still catch ads running for the clean up efforts on the Horizon. How about this, why not take this money saying how great you are and put into safety inspections? You know with the loss of oil, these companies always find a way to pass the expense to us, the consumer. Gas is $1.00 more than this time last year. Since the war on terror, oil and gas has increased exponentially. These increases in turn have made the oil companies billions every quarter and they pocket it.

     I just think we are so dependant on oil as a country, these companies know they can do whatever they want with no recourse. When rhe government talks on oil and how to move away from the dependency is merely posturing. With the money made in taxes and fees, the government would never walk away from that cash cow. Kind of like the funds made on the communication industries, but that for another story. Like most of you, I drive a car, heat my house, and cook with the fossil fuels. There is no way around it. I just wish at some point we can all stand up and just express the frustration. I know I'm going on a rant but the reality is this spill will cost all of use in more ways than one. Cost of gas will increase, again. The government will increase taxes to help with cleanup efforts. I'm tired of being left holding the check while "big oil" skips out. I guess that's how the rich stay rich, by screwing the poor.

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