Saturday, October 8, 2011

NFL Picks for October 10

     Hello out there football fans. It is that time of week again when I throw myself out there for praise or ridicule, whichever you prefer to do. I want to start out apologizing about the late posting on the picks but there was so much movement I wanted to wait and see where the lines would fall. Injuries and other movement on teams forced me to sit it out until the last possible moment. Ok, I know I wasted enough of your time so here we go:

NFL Point Spreads For Week 5 - Week Five NFL Football Point Spread - NFL Spreads 10/9 - 10/10, 2011

Date & Time
10/9 1:00 ET
At Indianapolis
Kansas City
10/9 1:00 ET
At Minnesota
10/9 1:00 ET
At Buffalo
10/9 1:00 ET
At Houston
10/9 1:00 ET
New Orleans
At Carolina
10/9 1:00 ET
At Jacksonville
10/9 1:00 ET
At Pittsburgh
10/9 1:00 ET
At NY Giants
10/9 4:05 ET
At San Francisco
Tampa Bay
10/9 4:15 ET
At New England
NY Jets
10/9 4:15 ET
San Diego
At Denver
10/9 8:30 ET
Green Bay
At Atlanta

Monday Night Football Point Spread

10/10 8:35 ET
At Detroit

     My first two picks are strictly based on them not continuing to lose. Indy at home against a injured Kansas City team and Minnesota taking on an Arizona team that sometimes forgets to show up for away games. I’m not sure what they are thinking out in Vegas but as long as they continue to keep putting the Eagles as favorites, I’m picking against them. Houston is a tough pick here but my gut says to go with them. I know Johnson is out by Foster is back and looking solid. I had a hard time picking against Carolina at home with that kind of line. Tennessee is looking solid and quiet at 3-1. Pittsburgh is out two of their three backs and a gimpy QB. The Giants got luck last week due to a poor official call and Seattle is starting to get in together. As I have stated in the past, always bet against the Monday night teams. Short week and no rest traveling to the opposite coast never bode well. New England is looking to establish the choke hold back on the AFC East and they need to stomp the Jets into the ground to do so. I know I took a beating with my pick of Denver last week but I’m a glutton for punishment obviously. Atlanta is one time I like to pick against on the road but love to get them at home. This could be Green Bay’s first loss. That leaves us with Monday night and as much as I feel the points are a little high on this one, I’m taking the Lions. The defense for Detroit is just to quick and string and Chicago still hasn’t found a way to keep their QB’s from hitting the ground… often.
     So that’s what I’m going with this week. With fewer games on the table I need to make it closer to perfect than ever before or I could end up below .500. Good luck everyone and we will see you on Monday.

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