Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook changes interface, the world unfriends Zuckerberg!!

     So what’s the story morning glory? I will tell you what the topic or uproar is today; Facebook. No, for those of you not on there, it didn’t crash or go down or even give away kittens, even though they should give away kittens after today’s debacle to put a good spin on a bad situation. The powers that be over in Facebook central thought it would be a good idea to overhaul the platform. Boy, that went over as well as a fart in church. This change has caused a big enough stir that the local news channels are have lead in stories about the change.
     I woke up this morning like every other day, get the kids off to school, and then sat down with my morning coffee and smart phone to see what emails had appeared overnight and check Facebook and Twitter to see if anything good rolled out overnight. Twitter was the norm, lots of follow me and use Twitter to grow your personal fortune. Facebook on the other hand opened and had a shiny new interface! Now I thought I was possibly getting a glitch on my phone so turned to the wife to validate what I was seeing and she had the same thing. No sooner did I update the news feed did the hate start. There was complaints about the new look, where item’s had gone to, and the ever popular “Facebook sucks” status update. Even I had a few reservations on this new platform since I was just getting use to Facebook as it is. I’ll place my disclaimer on the fact I almost never get on a computer to check any of my social media accounts. If I can’t get it through my Thunderbolt, I don’t need to have it. I’m all about keeping it simple because I have enough places I can accumulate junk, no need to have other dumping areas. But I digress, back to the topic of the day; Facebook’s changes. Yes, the community was angry, confused, and all ready to revolt and head off to Google. Before everyone runs to the ledge and jumps, let’s take a deep breath and step back. Change can be a good thing boys and girls.
     Those who know me or ready this site know I was dead adamant about joining Facebook so if anyone should be annoyed it would be a newbie like me. After my initial shock and few curse words thrown in the direction of my phone I began to play around with the system and have really come to enjoy it over the previous version. For those of you who are creatures of habit, hear me out. From my point of view on a mobile platform, I get more information displayed; less clutter on the opening page and not have the pressure having to put something in that empty status update space. The always hard to find common buttons have be placed right at the top where they should be. Need to do a photo, boom the buttons right there. Checking in, it’s there at the top. Of course the status update is placed on the top rounding out the options at the top of the screen will all the current news feeds right under. The option to sort what you want to see from All Stories and status updates has been placed at the very top where it should have been. Just seems like commonsense to have a sort button at the top instead of hidden in the secondary menus. The ability to hide postings was snuck into this as well. It’s in there, go ahead and look for it! What? Did you think I was going to give you everything? What fun is it to have a new toy to play with if I give you all the ways to play with it? Overall, I feel this was a positive move for the software because if you don’t make changes, you fall behind. I forgot to state that the version I am using is the Facebook app from the Android Market, which rules!
     I hope I pointed out a few things that may make you look at this update a little easier. Change is never an easy thing but if you can accept it will get better in the long term it makes it a little easier to swallow. Besides, it’s not like we have to pay for the service, right? Not sure how we can complain about something that has brought many people together for no charge. Just saying...

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