Friday, September 23, 2011

The challenge is on for those who dare...

It’s football season which means several things; one is the fact there are hundreds of thousands “football widows” that will count down the weeks until the season is over. A second thing is the now big business of fantasy football. For those of us that play, it can become all consuming. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, good for you. You managed to stay away from a truly addictive game. The third is the business our friends out in Las Vegas handle which is the gambling. Every year millions of dollars pour into Vegas during the college and professional football seasons.
     For those of you playing in fantasy land, you know who you want to play each week. I want to meet this people who have to struggle between picking Roddy White or Andre Johnson to start as a receiver. Not sure who they are playing with but I’m pretty confident that every other person in the persons draft was a llama. Just saying. What I like to do is look at the games each week and sees if I can pick the winners. We all have those office pools for entertainment purposes only where we have to select the winners of each game. Being a brave soul that I am I have decided to start putting these picks up on the site so all of you can see how I did. I figure it would be fun to see what I like verse the rest of the world. Feel free to post your own selections in the comments section or send us an email here at Views. This is all in good fun and strictly for bragging rights. My selections will be highlighted. Without further ado:

Date & Time
9/25 1:00 ET
At Cincinnati
San Francisco 
9/25 1:00 ET
New England
At Buffalo
9/25 1:00 ET
At New Orleans
9/25 1:00 ET
At Philadelphia
NY Giants
9/25 1:00 ET
At Cleveland
9/25 1:00 ET
At Tennessee
9/25 1:00 ET
At Minnesota
9/25 1:00 ET
At Carolina
9/25 4:05 ET
At San Diego
Kansas City
9/25 4:05 ET
NY Jets
At Oakland
9/25 4:05 ET
At St. Louis
9/25 4:15 ET
At Tampa Bay
9/25 4:15 ET
At Seattle
9/25 4:15 ET
Green Bay
At Chicago
9/25 8:25 ET
At Indianapolis

Monday Night Football Point Spread

9/26 8:35 ET
At Dallas

     Quick explanation on the choices:
San Francisco is just a better team. Look for them to win outright.
New England will win the game but Buffalo will cover the spread.
New Orleans is just tough at home. Houston still has some work to do with the defense.
Philly is a much better team than last year and the Giants are coming off a Monday night game with more injuries.
Cleveland is well Cleveland but Miami has the worse defense in the league right now.
Denver will take advantage of a Tennessee team that is still enjoying last week’s victory.
Detroit is throwing all over everyone and Minnesota is not. Peterson should start seeing 10 in the box real soon.
Carolina has Cam and Jacksonville has who?
I don’t care who Kansas City plays against, I’m picking the other side.  
The Jets just have the better team right now.
Baltimore is looking to extract the equivalent of NFL revenge on a tired and injured Rams team.
Tampa showed they can run with some of the big dogs and Atlanta is terrible on the road.
Seattle is terrible and Arizona is not too shabby this year.
I like Chicago at home against the champs. Green Bay looked tired last week and showed up to play half a game.
Pittsburgh will run all over Indy. Nothing new but without a solid offense Indy just can’t compete.
For Monday night the Redskins are the team. Dallas is all sorts of banged up right now from Romo to his receiving corp. Washington has more to prove right now.

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