Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Back in the Saddle Again!!

     Hello out there!! Yes it has been quite a while since I have been posting but with back to school for the kids and other household commitments I’ve been tied up. Not in the physical sense which would be an interesting story but in the literal sense. Anyway, I want to get back to what I was enjoying which was commenting about news and other such items.
     Let’s start with one of the projects I have been on which is the Call of Duty Elite beta program. I am normally not one to write about anything beta because things change and quickly in that state. This service though does need to have a bit of exposure from me due to the fat it will be rolling out en mass in November when Modern Warfare # hits stores. Right now you can get in on the service for a year and the game when you preorder for $99.99. Once again, not a huge fan of preorders but in this case, it is worth every penny. If you spend any time playing Call of Duty online, the value in all downloadable content included with the year subscription to the Elite service is worth the price of the preorder. But I am putting the cart before the horse because there may be some of you that have no clue what the Elite service is or will be. Allow me to give you a high over view of what is in store. For in depth information you can jump over to and there you will find screen shots and other valuable tidbits. You can grab your preorder there to if so inclined after reviewing the service.
     Now the premise of the Elite service is simple; a way to track every game you every played on any of the Call of Duty games. Information from the Call of Duty website has Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 as the two initial games the service will track and as Elite becomes more accepted by the masses, other games will be brought into the fold. How cool is that? Those of us that are stat hounds will love this! It tracks number of kills verse number of deaths. It tells you how many wins verse loss and what the last game played was. It breaks down how successful or not you are with each weapon and give your current level and ranking among your friends who play the games. It this is just the simple stuff. There are contest exclusively for Elite members. One contest help last month was for the Call of Duty Black Ops Jeep. Yes, I did say a jeep! Who said it doesn’t pay to be good at video games? Of course there are the games for online trophies and prestige points but everyone likes prizes too. I have seen several IPad 2 and other electronic items go out for contest winners. The best section I think is for those of us that want to be better but don’t have the hours to invest in strategies. The Improve section goes into detail on maps and what would work best for weapons and perks. So no need for trial and error, Elite will help you become a more competitive player. The aiming part and reflexes are still on you though.
     With the holidays coming up real soon, this is a great gift idea for the Call of duty player in your family. Not only will you get the most recent version in the Call of duty series, you will give them a whole new way to enjoy the game. Before I forget, the preorder version comes with a “Founder” status. It gives the player a few more perks and a special Call of Duty tag they can add to their name. Believe me, if there is anything I have learned while participating in the beta is the fact that all the players love to have something others do not. A “Founder” tag next to a player’s name gives them bragging rights others will not have it the order the service after launch.
     I’ve got to say it has been tough being away from you all and now hope to be back into the swing of things. With everything happen so fast I am going to stick to a Monday through Friday format going forward and will always be available to answer your comments and emails as usual. Have a good day and enjoy the Views!

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