Monday, September 26, 2011

Results from the NFL selections

     Hello out there everyone! Hope the weekend was good to you and hopefully the week won’t be so bad. It’s time to see how well or poorly I did with my NFL picks for this weekend. Obviously this is going up before the final Monday night game so regardless what that outcome is, the majority will rule from Sunday. With a quick review, I already know I’m in trouble.
     From the 1:00 PM games I had San Francisco, Buffalo, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, and Carolina. Against the posted spread, I went 5-2. Not too shabby considering some was a definite reach. On a straight pick ‘em, I went the same, 5-2. The Philly game probably killed everyone in office pools when Vick went out with the broken hand and the Giants found a few horseshoes and rabbits feet. The 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM games I had San Diego, Jets, Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Chicago, and Pittsburgh. Against the posted spread I went a dismal 2-5. Literally a day and night performance, no pun intended. As a straight pick ‘em the record was 4-3. A little better performance but not the best way to live the good life in Las Vegas. Overall I finished 8-7 against the spread and 9-6 as a straight pick. Neither record is bad but not exactly the best was to win the in office.
     As for all the comments I made about each pick, here are some follow up comments. I’ll start with the home town boys, the Patriots. They just shot themselves in the foot with the turnovers and complete lack of defense. We knew they would need to put up 30+ points a game to win but to score as well as they did and still lose should raise some eyebrows.
     Minnesota is going on three weeks with blowing the lead. Clearly they have an issue with ball control at the end of the game. You would thing with one of the best runners in the game Minnesota would control the clock at the end.
     I’m sticking to my guns on Kansas City; they are still a bad team. San Diego came out flat, played flat, and looked past this game, which almost cost them.
     Baltimore is going to be the force to deal with this year. Yes they beat up a team they should have in the Rams and will continue to do so this year on lower level teams. The reason I say they will be the team to reckon with is the desire. Baltimore has a chip on their shoulder and it will carry them through.
     Can anyone please tell me what happened to the Jets pound the ball mentality? That team has really just flipped into what most Jets fans will agree with you is the worse option; relying on Sanchez. Unless Rex gets this team back to tight defense and low scoring games, it will be a long season for these guys.
     I stand corrected on Green Bay. This just in, they are still pretty good. Rodgers had another great game and didn’t need to have Jennings to do it. Possible repeat could happen with this team but it will take a few luck bounces for that to happen.
     I stated Pittsburgh would run all over the Indy defense. Well, it wasn’t even close to any running game at all. Indy just shut Pittsburgh down on the run. Hats off to a pretty darn good effort.
     If one thing is sure in the NFL is still the most unpredictable league out there. What should have been wasn’t and what isn’t possible is. Don’t believe me, look at the standing and look who is undefeated right now; Buffalo and Detroit. These teams where the door mats of the NFL not that long ago and if previous stats are right will be in the playoffs this year. This is why we watch the games every weekend.

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