Wednesday, June 1, 2011

IRunner. My new addiction!

     I downloaded iRunner last week from the Android market and it has become my new addiction. The game is nothing extravagant nor hard to play. You are the every running Mr i, hence the name of the game. I said this wasn't going to be hard. The object is to get Mr i through a series of slides and jumps to the end of his goal. No one knows where he is running to or why but he sure as hell makes it a whole bunch of fun. Not since the basic concept of Pac-Man has such a simple game been so enjoyable. Nothing against Angry Birds but that does require a little more finesse than iRunner. iRunner is what it is. A nicely made game with three options, jump, slide or die.

     The game play and graphics are great on my Thunderbolt. I am not sure how it would look on one of the fancier screen displays but I'm sure its not too shabby. Controls are placed in the far corners of the screen which leads me to my only complaint. I would have liked to have seen maybe a move toward the center of a 1/4" or so. This way I can have some place to rest my thumbs on. With the current placement, your thumbs have to be hovering above the buttons which does cause some discomfort for me. Take that with a grain of salt because I tend to play the game for a rather long time.

     Overall, I highly recommend this game. It isn't going to challenge you to think or come up with an elaborate strategy, but it will have you coming back again and again. 

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