Tuesday, May 31, 2011

C.O.D. looking to make more C.A.S.H.

Activation has announced its upcoming pay service C.O.D. Elite. No, its not a new game if even an add-on. It's a service designed for the stat freaks out there. Any one who has played a C.O.D. game knows online is where the fun is at. Nothing like taking out a noob with a sniper shot. Activation is looking to take advantage of that and build the service into something more.

The idea of elite is to take all those fragmented players and bring them into a single profile. How sweet would it be to have every stat from all the C.O.D. games under one name? I bet the kill total would be pretty high for quite a few of us. Back on track Jim, you drooling on the keyboard. The service will be broken down into four section, each have an in-depth view of online game play.

Career section would consists of details from all matches ever played on any game that is elite compatible. Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops are scheduled right on release. Others will follow.
Connect section is geared towards making match play more finite. Not only will it go on usual metrics but you can add a twist. Say you only want play with people who like to listen to the Beastie Boys while playing. You can do a search for that and join if it exists. If it doesn't you can create one. The rooms will not be monitored and when there are none in the group the system will delete it. Support for private clans will be available.

Compete section is what it is, about competing. Enough said.

Improve section will have tips and tricks you can use based on your game play. It gives info on how to use your tools and how to take advantage in certain map areas.

Activation says that some of the service will be free but there is going to be a premium change for full access. Prices are unkown but speculation is the cost will be around $15 per month.

Would you take advantage of this? Is the need for this service more for the game or the company? Hard to say for me. I'm on the fence and would need to see it in action before I pay out for yet another service. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment or drop me a message over on Twitter @oldskoolstyle.

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