Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cell Phone Drama Arises Again

     I know this is old news but it took me about a day to really decide if it warrants me voicing an opinion. After much debate with the team, which is myself and the new kitten, we decided it needed to be stated. The World Health Organization has declared cell phones to be as harmful as exhaust from a car or lead.

Is this really warranted in this age of technology to bring up something that has been debated for years? Most if not all of these newer device use less power than any phone from the 80's. As an install tech for cat phones, we use to take light bulbs and holding then next to the antennas and watching them light up. The bulb didn't touch the antenna, just being next to the antenna the bulb got enough juice to light up. I remember back when bag phones were around and alleged experts were talking on how those phones caused tumors and brain cancer. None of this has been proven by anyone.

Let's use me for example. I have had a cell phone consistently since 1988. Now, if cell phones caused some type of damage wouldn't someone who has had a phone over 20 years have some issue. I have my physical and all clear on any type of tumor or cancer. I still have all my hair as well so any baldness claims would be weak as well. My youngest daughter accidentally ate some Cheerios of the ground at a relatives house and ended up with lead poisoning. I think lead may be a little more damaging than a cell phone.

I'm not sure why we need to create drama over something that can neither be proven or rebuked. I'm sure the WHO needs to make society aware of the hazard but for what reason? For the slight chance something may happen? Most carriers have literature on the potential health warnings.  I think we as a society concern ourselves with information that we will never use. Right now I sit here typing away on my cell. Will I now stop using my phone? Will I limit my exposure? If I have put in 20 years of cell usage without a scratch, I'm sure I can do a few more. 

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