Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Upcoming Game of the Month

Each month I will focus on an upcoming game that will be released. This month I am very excited about the game I will be reviewing when I get my hands on it. LA Noir by Rockstar and Team Bandi is due for release on May 17th. I know this is right around the corner and most of you may have heard what this title is about.
                The game is set like most of Rockstar’s current game setting, a large sandbox for you the gamer to roam around in and create your own world. The setting for this title is obviously Los Angeles during one of its most corrupt times, the 1940’s. The character you will be playing is Cole Phelps, an LAPD detective who will be working his way up the ranks by solving crimes and completing tasks per the usual Rockstar reward system. Most of you are saying this is a been there, seen that kind of genre and I would almost agree if it weren’t for the new system in play for this title. Yes, you have you chores to do and yes you will have to interrogate suspects and victims for information. Unlike other games with this kind of mystery/thriller vein, you will have to pay close attention to details, especially facial expressions. From what I have seen and learned about this title, not only is the answer you get important but how it is delivered is as well, if not more.
                I have always been a huge fan of mystery games. They sem to be more satisfying to me to work your way to a resolution than your normal straight shooter game. Don’t get me wrong, there is always room for a little Modern Warfare or Black Ops. Nothing beats a good shooter for excitement but to have a case presented to you with little information and to walk it to a resolution has been gratifying to me.
                I plan on picking this game up on release day and having a decent review on the workings and overall game play by the end of next week. Please check back to see if my opinions will match up to yours.

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