Saturday, May 14, 2011

I fought the tech and the tech won.

     After several days of battling down websites, wireless phone issues, laptop comas, and overall mediocre modem speeds I am back among the real world. I put up the good fight and was able to revive all my ways to communicate but it wasn't easy.

     My battle started with the blog site going down. Mind you, nothing I can do about that happening. But when you are just starting out a blog site and posts are you main source of recognition, being offline is essentially locking yourself in a box with no air. Well, that may be a bit dramatic but I think you get the point. As with anything on the intrnets, patience is a virtue and behold, I am posting now.

     OK, with blogger down, I move on to other ways to keep communication open and throwing out m ideas and whines. Hello Twitter my long lost friend! I jump head first into working on my friends list and reaching out to those I haven't spoken to in some time. With all my new enthusiasm for Twitter, i am really putting my new bleed edge smart phone through a workout. You know what I found out? Bleeding edge is really a pain in the ass. Not only did my phone run into some "issues" with keeping up with me, it also is one heck of a battery consuming machine. No joke, I was burning the battery down from full to 5% left in under two hours. I'm guessing you want to know what phone this is? Put it like this, the only thing lightning fast about this device is the speed in which the battery indicator depletes. Needless to say, I was tethered to my power cord which defeats the purpose of have a wireless phone.

     Blogger, down. Phone, too hot to hold from charging constantly. Ah, the laptop. The old stand by. You have never let me down. Let's get reacquainted shall we? I go down from m office to get the laptop and find that my oldest daughter is on it. She is just sitting there looking at it, not really doing anything. I ask if I can have it so I can get some of my things done and thats when the final straw hits the proverbial camels back. She informs me that after looking at pictures, this thing popped up saying the computer was broken. Actual words. I look at it to find the lovely Trojan virus that attacks the Windows security center was in the house. Those of you that have had the pleasure of dealing with this one know there is no anti virus program you can throw at it. I had to bow my head, take the walk of shame to my disk storage, and grab the Windows XP disk. Formatting is the only option at this point. After two days I have been able to restore back to original settings.

     The battles we many and all were resolved. I did learn a few things though. One. Even having several different ways to get information out, you can still be stuck with no social media avenue. Two. My new phone is horrid and I need an extended battery ASAP. Three. Never let your kids use the laptop, period.

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