Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The great Xbox debate.

     After several weeks I will finally have my Xbox back from repair. I didn't realize how much I actually use the Xbox for until it wasn't here. Video chat, Netflix, and of course on line gaming has been on hiatus for about six weeks and it will sure feel good to be back. Bringing the Xbox back into the fold does pose a few dilemmas for me concerning my son.

     Just to give you a high overview of my son, he was diagnosed with ADHD with OCD at the age of 5. He is now 11 and still has the same conditions with all the added effects of puberty thrown in. The only thing that keeps him from bouncing off the walls when in the house are video games. With his condition, when he reaches a point he can not progress through in a game, the frustration levels become apparent and manifest in forms of yelling and throwing th controllers around. I have learned to adapt to this and try to redirect him with a change in game or having him take a break for a few minutes to have him gather his thoughts. With the OCD portion all he can think about is playing the Xbox which greatly hinders his focus on anything else, including school.

     Now, he has been on a no video game program due to lack of decent grades and effort in school. That's the rules in my house School work comes before any type of extracurricular activity. I don't expect straight A's but I do need to see that the effort is there. A high mark in effort with a C grade is fine by me. Not every child is going to be Einstein. His third quarter marks were better but still not great and his teacher has commented on his increased effort in class. He is in fifth grade and this is a transition year for him. If he graduates he will be going into middle school.

     So now I am at a crossroads. Do I stick with my own rules and allow him to go back on the Xbox? Do I keep him off the games until we get through this final quarter so he can remain focused on his school work? Being a parent isn't always easy and having to make the hard decisions just comes along with the job. I have until 3:00 pm today to come up with a choice. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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