Thursday, May 19, 2011

The media frenzy that is Arnold

     I have been trying to avoid this story. Considering that I do blog now and being part of that community I am almost obligated to report current news and events. So with little to do, here is my view on the whole Arnold Schwarzenegger fiasco, and I do mean fiasco.
     Let me start by saying that this situation does not surprise me. When you take someone with such an ego, add to the mix political power, and throw in the fact there are many woman who find both of those attributes exciting something like this is going to happen. The difference in this one is he came out publically instead of waiting for the media to find out. Arnold came clean in the press, stated what he had done and asked for forgiveness. You couldn’t write a better way for this to unfold for him. Conveniently, this all come to the surface after his term in office is over and he is looking into rejuvenating his career back in Hollywood. You know what they say; any press in Hollywood is good press. How do you think Paris Hilton became a household name? Hardly a blip on the radar in most homes until her sex tape hit the media outlets.
     Is this Arnold being remorseful or self-centered and why now after all this time?  The mother of his child has been taken care of all this time as well as the child. Arnold’s wife Maria was none the wiser to what was happening and gains nothing from having this information hit the media. My feelings on this matter are a little jaded. Living in New England for all my life, you learn that anything associated with the Kennedy name tends to be a little off. I think that Maria knew and some agreement was made to keep this quiet until Arnold’s political career was over. Once that was finished, Maria decided she was done playing the happy wife and wanted to move on. Arnold, being the egocentric person he is, sees this as an opportunity to get his name back in the media. Use this as a springboard for whatever his plans are going forward in his next career. Yes, this may be way out in left field but is it not so farfetched?
      I do feel bad for the children involved in the whole ordeal. They are the ones that will have to handle the looks and taunting from others.  I have chosen to not use any of the names because I feel they will have enough to deal with then being mentioned in every paper, news reel, and blog out there. I know in time this will all pass and they will go back to a normal life but the frenzy that is happening now will stay with them for a long time.
     This is how I see the whole Arnold issue. Could it have been handled differently? Sure. Would it have created as much media hype for him? Absolutely not. Either way, in the grand scheme of things this has turned out to be quite the story for several days and sure will continue for a few more. Bask in the glow Arnold; this may be your last trip in the limelight.

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