Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LinkedIn - Setting the standard or the first domino to fall

     The talk of the financial world has been the upcoming IPO for LinkedIn. The latest projection has the company selling at $40+ a share. For those of you that do not know what an IPO is it stands for Initial Public Offering of stock to the general public. Also, for those of you that do not know what or who LinkedIn is they are a social network used for business professional to network and connect with previous coworkers. Best way to say it is Facebook for the work force.
     I don’t have the kind of money needed to jump in on this IPO or any IPO now that I think about it. My concern is once LinkedIn goes public. If the stock does well how it will affect other social websites. I use Twitter quite a bit and to think that instead of having just a small group calling the shots go to a group of stock holder that don’t even know what a tweet is scares me. Greed and ignorance would set in and next thing you know we could be paying for any tweets we send out after 100. What if that happens to Facebook if it goes to a public traded company? First 50 friends are free then you have to pay to go to a premium service to add more friends. These are all speculative ideas but are they really that far off? I have seen stranger things happen when it comes to Wall Street and stocks. Just look what happen to the banking industry.
     What do you think about this move for LinkedIn? Is there a future for social media stocks or is this the next tech bubble?

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