Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time to wake up Boston, the party is over

     I watched the end of the Big Three for the Celtics and the rise of the new Big Three in Miami. Not sure if the Celtics realize this but they are no longer a championship contender. Playoff runs will not be going too deep for this team. I appreciate the entertainment they have brought myself and my family for the past couple years but its time to move on. When push came to shove, Miami was clearly the younger and faster team. The desire was there for Wade, Bron, et all while Team Green made mental mistake after mistake. Of course sports talk radio will be all over this game with excuses and complaints but reality is the Celtics are just old and tired.

     I could go on and on about how the Celtics can improve but the fact is until we move past the Big Three, there is no help. It was a nice run Boston but as with any party, you can't stay forever. Hey Celtics fan, if you are looking for some excitement you can always jump on the Bruins bandwagon, I hear they will be running this town soon. Granted they may hae looked rough in game one, but have faith. No disrespect Patriots fan but the swan song is coming very soon in Foxboro as well. Just saying.

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