Monday, April 9, 2012

Tulsa shooting arrests, AT&T contracts expires, and gaming news

Hello everyone. Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great weekend and gets their work week started off right. Not that any work week is good but we all have to do it so we might as well make the best of it.
Today’s blog goes into some gaming news as well as a few current event items. In gaming news, the internet and disgruntled gamers got part of their wish concerning Barware’s Mass Effect 3. The company announced a few enhancements that will be made to the current games ending. The second bit of gaming news comes in the form of a protest. Players of Modern Warfare 3 have reached appoint of no return with all the issues that have plagued the game since launch. A “blackout” has been called for on April 20th. Now whether this is true or will happen at all remains to be seen. I will be online that day so we will see if the place is empty or running at its normal 350,000+ gamers.
As far as current events, we get into the shooting that happened in Tulsa last week and the arrest that were made over the weekend. The reports coming out have the shooting being racially motivated due to one of the suspects having lost his father two years ago from an altercation with a black man. It pisses me off to no end that we still have to get past the whole race thing. How are we supposed to grow as a country if we still have to go down the road of killing and segregating based on the color of our skin? Its ok to differ on how we look and handle our own affairs but to hurt and kill each other over it is just plain stupid. UPDATE: News from Tulsa has a judge ordering both suspects be held on bail of $9,160,000 each.
Another story that came out this weekend is the CWA union having its workers for AT&T remains on the job while they negotiate contracts for them. This weekend some 40,000 CWA members had their current contract expire. A strike was averted due to the union asking its workers to stay on but to be ready if needed. The usual health cost, pay increase and job security are the main focal points. This is the same issues that currently plague the Verizon union talks as well. Both parties are negotiating contracts on the antiquated landline services. Maybe the union and the businesses should be looking into ways to place these workers into other divisions of the business and cut the money bleeding landline services to save money.
Click the link below to watch the video and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Have a great day and enjoy The Views!

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