Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Iran kicks the internet to the curb, Tulsa gets a confessions, and iPhone rumors... again.

Welcome back to Views from the Northeast. I hope Monday wasn’t too hard on anyone and the week is off to a good start. If not, then you are one more day away from the weekend is another way to look at it!    

(provided by the Tulsa Police)

                I want to follow up on one of the stories I talked about yesterday and that was the shootings in Tulsa. Jake England and Alvin Watts were arrested over the weekend and being held for the shootings that left three people dead. Today I would like to report that both men have confessed to doing the shootings. It is unconfirmed if the gentlemen will be charged with hate crimes as well as the murders due to the fact that all the assaulted were black. My point is this; does adding the hate crimes matter when three people are dead? As far as a sentencing aspect, probably not. It will help as far as bringing to light how much further we need to move the needle in the race relations area.

                Iran has officially announces yesterday that they will be permanently cutting off the internet in August. Yes, I did say cutting of the internet. As with some countries who have censored what can be viewed or searched for on the internet, Iran has decided altogether to shut it down. This means all social, e-mail, and traditional internet access will be moved to an intranet system setup by the Iranian minister of Information and Communication Technology. So if you have family in Iran, come August anything you send to them via email will be “viewed” by special servers that will only allow a “clean” version of email or internet related material. Hearing something like this just makes me glad we live in this country.
(picture courtesey of Macworld)
                Finally, I just want to advise all you fans of Apple products to start saving your pennies now. The rumor mill is in full force with anticipation of a new iPhone 5 (or whatever it will be called) hitting the streets this year. Anticipated release date is sometime in October and is rumored to have several improvements including a faster processor, a larger display, and 4G speeds. In my opinion, I’m sure the phone will hit the streets this year. June was originally reported but that has since been squashed due to lack of production on any new Apple products. As far as the improvements, let’s say all the things it is rumored to have are already available in 80% of the phones on the market now. The iPhone is going to need to go to a bigger display. The 3”+ it is using now was great when the phone was first released but with HTC and other brands using 4” or more, Apple will need to at least hit the 4” mark to stay relevant in a crowded smart phone field. The 4G speeds are almost a requirement that Apple has shrugged off now for over a year. This is another area that Apple will need to move to. As much as the general public has no clue what 4G really means, they do know it is the better technology and will tend to gravitate toward that than buying a phone for $200 or more of dated technology. As with any speculated Apple products, we will just have to sit back and wait for the actual info to roll out.
                That’s all for today folks. I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and I will see you tomorrow!

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