Thursday, September 29, 2011

Line up the excuses now Red Sox Nation

     I normally try not to get involved with baseball. It's a long season; the game play can be boring at times and let's face it the failures can be a continuous thing. Being a Red Sox fan, we are all entitled to be negative. Just because they won a couple of World Series doesn't mean they are the best of the best. If this year doesn't prove that statement I don't know what is. With the rain delay and all other factors aside, Boston just let it slip away, When you go into September with a nine game lead in the playoff race, it should be a given you would make the playoffs. Put in minimal work and play .500 ball you're in.

     I won't go over all of this month's failures or even say what could have been done. It's not place to second guess anything they Red Sox do but I will say they blew it. With all the off season pickups and the amount of money spent on payroll, this team should have been in, The experts picked this particular team to win over 100 games and cruise into the World Series. So much for the experts. Now Tampa Bay will get its shot again to make a pennant run while the boys from Boston will hit the greens. The sad part is as I watched both games tonight and looked at the crowds, Tampa had maybe half a stadium full of fans. If that doesn't add insult to injury to the Red Sox Nation I don't know what is.

     Now we as sports fans in New England can have yet another Red Sox failure to talk about for some time. Is this the mother of all failures? Maybe but that will be up for debate. I rank this fall bigger than the Bruins' blowing the 3-0 lead of Philadelphia a few years ago. The Bruins did redeem themselves with bringing home a championship the following year. Unless there is some major moves done in the Red Sox, I just don't see that happening and this could be the beginning of yet another long stretch of no playoffs for the Sox.

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