Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekend and holiday calls

     When it comes to holidays, there is not worse time for something to go wrong. We have all been there having to call in for a problem of billing issue that just can't wait until after the holiday. This post is just some insight on what you can and can't get done on a holiday weekend.

     Technical support is a crap shoot. Depending on what you need fixed is where you will run into issues. Some companies never close, like mine. Regardless of the date, technical is always available. Other companies not so much. Rule of thumb is if it is an expensive device, more than likely you can get help. Freeze software off the internet? Your own your own for holiday support.

     Billing and credit issues won't get done until the follow week. You can call in and talk to people in those areas but the people in control of credits won't be back until after the holiday. Best way to run a parallel would be comparative to the bank system. Most if not all banks shutdown for holiday weekends. If the bathrooms of banks are processing, I'm sure the regular businesses are as well.

     Requesting a supervisor or a manager would be limited as well. Once again, you will get someone on the phone advising you they are a person on authority but odds are they won't be. It's not that the companies are trying to dupe you, they have to give time off for the supervisors so holidays are theirs to take. I don't fault them for taking them either. Everyone is entitled to a day off. If you do want someone of authority just ask if an actual supervisor or manager is amiable and if not when a good time to call back. Never accept a callback. A callback message will more than likely get sent via email and has a greater change of being lost in the shuffle. When I took long weekends off and was a manager, my emails would be in the hundreds. If it wasn't flagged as important, most of it didn't get read until later in the week.

     This is just a few things to know when calling customer service on the holidays. I hope you won't need this information and get to enjoy a hassle free time this weekend.

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