Friday, July 1, 2011

NBA lockout emails. Oops, my bad I guess.

     I posted yesterday about the NFL and NBA work storage and how the NBA is essentially a league of whiny players. Boy, was I wrong. Most of the fans are too!

     Being from a town where basketball ruled, I can say I have been a basketball fanatic. I completely understand how some of you took it personally when I attacked the public persona of the league. The emails I got went on to tell me I was so off base. That today's players have been portrayed poorly by the media and most really aren't bad. Ok, sure. I believe all of you who defended James and if you could point me to where you got you brainwashing I'd appreciate it.

     Let's face it, I am suppose to not like James, I'm a Celtics fan. Let's put that aside and point to a few things. He had his press conference to announce where he was taking his talents to. Then James and his teammates decided to have this huge celebration before the season started. It was as if they were crowning themselves champs before the season even started. If that isn't arrogance I'm not sure what is. I'll back up even further and go with the King James title. The boy is crowning himself king and hasn't put a championship on his mantle. There are very few players I would say are kings in basketball. Magic, Russell, Jordan. Those are true kings. All winners in respect to championships and going above and beyond to make it happen. A true king doesn't proclaim himself to be one, he just becomes one from the respect and admiration of others. Oh, and none of them took their talents elsewhere to become a champion.

     Ok, this came off as a bashing on James but he is the face of the league. When you choose to have a kid with too much money and a huge ego be the poster child, I'm gonna call it the way I see it. Whiny, over paid, spoiled athlete. Oh, and for all those emails that questioned my opinions, I appreciate it. I like a challenge and will always try to respond as best as I can.

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