Sunday, July 24, 2011

Same sex marriages. Why do we need a law to allow it?

     Today marks the first day the state of New York will allow same sex marriages. Being from Massachusetts where we have had them for some time, this isn’t a really big story to me, but to the rest of the country it is. There is some debate over who got married first and at what time but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter. What matters is this is another state that has finally saw what most of us see in society, a union is a union is a union.

     Regardless of race, sex or origin a person should be allowed to do what they want within reason. Now laws on same sex marriages have always been a very weird one to me. Last time I checked, this same sex issue is more of a religious item than a political one. Either way, why do we need laws to allow it? Wasn't this country founded on the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness? If that is what makes someone happy, then so be it. Who is the government or a certain religion to dictate otherwise?

     It was reported that when New York changed the language in the current law to spouse A and spouse B the deluge of wedding license applicants flowed in. The amount has been reported to be more than 2600. Obviously there are quite few couples out there looking to unite and become a joined couple. I'm sure we will be hearing from the majority of people that think this is wrong. A marriage should be between a man and woman and any other joining is against nature or god or something. I'd be willing to bet some of these folks have been divorced which last time I checked is a sin against the church. Some of them probably don't go to church or take time to even acknowledge religion as a major part of their lives. To them, it’s just a way to push their own views in which I say no thanks, have my own. I don't need anyone else to alter my beliefs. For the record, raised in a highly catholic household, went to a catholic school and if I can be accepting, I'm sure most of you can.

     As of today, Massachusetts, Vermont, Iowa, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and the District of Columbia all allow same sex marriages. Maybe it’s time to expand this list and move on to more important things is life. Who someone loves or wants to marry shouldn’t even be on the radar in this country. How about families being thrown out on the streets, children starving in our own country, or education systems that are failing the youth? Want a cause to scream about, pick one of those where it matters more.

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