Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Phones I like for the mid level users.

     With the release of the first tech for technophobes article, I have received emails asking why I choose the iPhone over an Android phone. Don't get me wrong, both phones have positives and negatives but for ease of use for a newbie, iPhone is the way to go. To be fair, there are those that have been using phones for some time and do know their way around. For those who fall into that category, I do have a couple of Android phones I would recommend.
     The first choice I would look at is the Droid Incredible. I know Verizon is no longer selling this line but now has the Incredible 2. The difference is the size of screen and a few other bells and whistles the normal consumer may not need. It has a good camera at 5.0 MP and can be used globally. The touch screen is plenty large enough for anyone's hands and has a full internet experience. Meaning that the phone will work on almost all websites where the iPhone will not work with any flash related sites. Incredible 2 comes with access to the Android market which is what most people wan today, apps. The plus side with the Android market is there are a ton of free apps. Whatever you are looking for, there is probably a free app on that market. The phone functions pretty well and from my limited time spent with it, performance went well. It runs on the 3G network of Verizon so reliability is going to be a given. Would I place this phone in a newbie’s hands? Maybe if I had some time to spare on how to care for it. Someone with a little working knowledge on smart phones would be better suited for this.
     My next choice would be the HTC Thunderbolt. It has all the features as the Incredible 2 but comes with the shiny new 4G network. Most newbie’s wouldn't know or care what each network does. To prove my point, put an iPhone and Thunderbolt side by side and most people who are not in the know will say the iPhone is a faster and better phone. Reality is the iPhone is dated tech next to the Thunderbolt. My reason for recommending the Thunderbolt is based on pure power. There are quite a few 4G phone from Verizon now but I still find myself selecting the Thunderbolt over all of them. I like the ease of use with the HTC Sense software running. I placed this phone into the hands of a person who was vaguely familiar with Smartphone tech and they caught on pretty quickly. The phone for a newbie, absolutely not. The Thunderbolt has way too much happening as far as ongoing care. I consistently find myself having to check running apps and limiting how often the phone syncs for email and such.
     Both of these phones are on the Verizon network. I am not receiving any compensation for writing on them nor do I work for them. I just happen to like these to phones for previous cell users that have some phone experience. If you are not on Verizon's network, try Sprint's EVO. It is the same phone as the Thunderbolt just on their network.

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