Monday, July 18, 2011

Black eye on the media

     For the past week or so I have been reading several ongoing stories that are just trainwrecks you can't turn away from. There was the Anthony trial and aftermath of a not guilty verdict. Then there is the story of James Bulger. His story is just about to begin and already there was legal drama. The one story that just keeps unfolding is the News of the World media disaster.

     I'm not going to draw out the specifics and down to the minute details. The overview on this is pretty simple. The paper got caught hacking personal information. Is this the first time a news outlet has done this? Probably not. I'm sure in the business of being the first there has been some things that have been done that was a little unscrupulous. The reason why this story is so maddening is how deep it goes and how far up the food chain. Government, police, and billionaire are all being called onto the carpet for the hacking. Officials are resigning and people in the inner circle of Murdock are being arrested. Once the full exposure surfaces on this story, I believe the ones who will be safe is the ones that can distance themselves from the paper.

     I'm hoping the mainstream media will take note on this. Sometimes going outside the lines to make a story and money isn't the way to go. People love a good story but they also respect the integrity of the outlet presenting the story.



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