Thursday, July 21, 2011

Are you ready for some football!? (Updated Sunday)

     Reports from all media sources have the NFL on schedule for launch this week. Attorneys from both sides abbey hammered out the final bits of the CBA and we will enjoy our beloved Sunday rituals on schedule. If they cut some preseason games, who cares. Now to the important stuff. Those of you into the fantasy football, feel free to share your knowledge with Views. I will be setting up something for this upcoming season.

     (10:10 pm) The reports coming out from NFL network is speculation there is hold up due to time constraints and non-monetary items such as health care and future medical concerns. The players would also need to establish back to a union for all the players to accept the agreement. An email obtained by NFL networks shows concerns on how fast the owners want to have the agreement done. The verbage used in the email has some implications that the owners are trying to coerce the players into the agreement and it could be violating labor laws. Looks like we may be heading back a few steps on this one folks.

      (8:45 pm) Accoring to reports from NFL sources, the players will not be voting on the agreement tonight. The sides are off on only a couple of items but no one has opened up on what they are. Speculation is the hold up is the outstanding lawsuits.

     According to the NFL network and other media outlets, the owners have ratified and voted on a new agreement with the players. The voting was 31-0 by the owners on this new agreement. This means that the offer will be placed in front of players representatives as soon as possible. There is report that a conference call will be held at 8:00 with the players to discuss the offer.
      As I can get information, I will be passing it along to you. Hopefully all us fantasy junkies will have our fix for the upcoming winter months!!

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