Sunday, June 5, 2011

MTV awards with the girls.

     I just finished watching the MTV Movie award show and have come to a conclusion that all award shows should be just like this one. Somewhat entertaining and driven by the public’s choice. Of course it would be skewed and flawed to whatever the masses are hyped up on but isn't that the whole point of awards? As a society we reward temporary greatness and commemorate those that can maintain that moment of greatness longer than anyone else.

     No, I'm no slamming the MTV awards show. I thought it was entertaining and full of moments where you had that “Did that just happen?” moments. One being the presentation by Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis where Justin grabbed Mila's breasts and Mila grabbed Justin's crotch. Or when the network censors were asleep on the dump button and Robert Paterson got to tell everyone on national television how he got to f*ck Reese Witherspoon in one of the movies they were in. Now not so shocking as it hasn't been done before but more so later when the 7 year old Alexys Nycole Sanchez from Adam Sandler's movie had to come up for an award later. That made me realize she had been sitting in the audience the whole time while that rant was going on. I feel bad for the parents of Alexys. No matter what happens, someone, somewhere is going to criticize them for having her there.

     Without further to do, here are the winner's and the categories they won:

          Best Male Performance – Robert Pattinson
          Best Villain – Tom Felton
          Best Jaw Dropping moment – Justin Bieber
          Best Fight – Robert Pattinson vs Bryce Dallas Howard vs Xavier Samuel
          Best Kiss – Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson
          MTV Generation Award – Reese Witherspoon
          Best Line From a Movie – Alexys Nycole Sanchez
          Best Scared as Sh*t Performance – Ellen Page
          Best Female Performance – Kristen Stewart
          Best Comedic Performance – Emma Stone
          Best Movie – The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

     As you can see, The Twilight Saga is still a favorite with the MTV generation. Can it sustain a run as long as the Harry Potter franchise has, only time will tell. I wish them luck I have a feeling they will need it. I have two teenage girls in the house and they were not overly impressed with the new Twilight movie coming out. I tend to gauge most of the music and movies based on them. Let's face it, its the teenage dollar that dictates what is popular, as well as the likes on Facebook and their tweets.

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