Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bruins win!! Lets tear up our own city now!!

      Hello everyone. After a much needed mental health break, I am back to voice my opinions and report on anything that is interesting. I know on my last post I was looking into breaking down some of the E3 information. I would think at this point, almost everyone is probably burnt out on E3 info. My views in short, Sony did well and did just enough to avoid having a catastrophic showing with all the security hacks they have had in the news. Microsoft didn't really impress or disappoint. Halo coming back may be “jumping the shark” for that IP but we will see. Nintendo with the Wii U...hmm. Lets just say this looks like someone decided to mate the Wii with the Dsi. I'm sure the price tag will be pretty high and not sure if this is going to be as welcomed to casual gaming core they developed with the Wii. Time will tell. So there is my views. I have quite a bit more by why bore you with old news.

     The real story for me is the beloved Bruins have won the Cup. I understand outside of the New England area, this is really that important. I can see that, but for those of us that have been waiting all these years it is sweet to enjoy. Timmy Thomas had the game of his life last nigh and it was only fitting he shut out Vancouver after having been blanked two times previously.

     The second part of the story is how the fans have acted in Vancouver. I have never been there but people I have spoken to said it is a very beautiful city and the people are quite nice. Well, you wouldn’t know that from what is happening there now. After the 4-0 loss last night, fans fans for some reason think it is a great idea to destroy their own city. Reports of cars burning, stores being looted, people getting injured and other stories I cant post are surfacing all over the web and You Tube. I never really understood the riots after a game? Why on earth would you want to do it, in your own town? I equate that to taking a crap on your kitchen table. Its just something you don't do. I can see being mad and upset. I can see the frustration and how maybe you would want to be angry. If you think your upset Vancouver fans, think about the players that were on the ice? I am no fan of that team. I think they deserve the public opinion they have developed for themselves over this season. If anyone should be violent,it should be them. Vancouver players are the ones who had to put all their heart and soul into the game. Last time I caught a video of the carnage going on up there, I did not see Barrows running around biting people.

     I will always be a sports fan. I support those that go and paint their face, scream when the games on and stand in line for hours to get nose bleed seats to see a game. These riots are a black eye on a sport that is trying to change an image and create a bigger fan base. Thank you Vancouver. You have made a case for the media to show how they expect hockey fans to be. The rest of us will suffer for your stupidity.

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