Sunday, May 22, 2011

Apple fans rejoice, your big celebration is... IPad displays?

     Last week marked the 10 years anniversary of Apple opening its first retail store. It was a aggressive move forward by the company and to this day sets a standard that few competitors can rival. I am not a follower of the Mac cult but nor do I slam their products. They make a great mp3 device and an adequate phone. Computers are excellent and have a fairly ling life as far as computers go.

With all the hype surrounding this 10 year mark, most thought the stores would be rolling out something spectacular. A new product was the biggest rumour out there and the cult was rabid in anticipation of that happening. Today was the day of the big fallout and what the faithful received was new displays. The retail stores have gone to a more interactive experience for consumers. Instead of a paper tag displaying the information, each item had an iPad with product info, a way to compare to other items, and a way to call for assistance if needed.

I think that was a subtle but smart move by Apple. Not only does it make them a little more environmentally not printing so many cards each year, it also helps showcase their industry learning iPad further to the general public. This isn't the new product everyone was hoping to heat but is yet another move forward in retail.

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