Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Ask Why.

Why. This single word can bring a deluge of information or a tirade of anger. As a parent, it’s the one word that will either cause me to explain something to almost the finite point or will warrant me to use the ever popular response “Because I said so”. Today’s blog isn’t about the “why” we encounter as parents or even the “why” we use as children going up. No, the “why” I’m speaking about is the “why” we seem to not use.
                I ask all of you out there; why are this upcoming presidential race having so much ado about the gay agenda or gay rights? I don’t care what anyone does in their personal life nor do I care what a potential elected official does. Do any of you really believe that whatever the candidates does or does not do with the gay agenda is going to help this country out of the situation it is in? C’mon people, there is no way any single agenda is going to cure what ails us. I’m not saying it isn’t important, but is it the deciding factor? IF we as voters choose or elected officials on their religious beliefs or sexual preferences then we might as well through favorite beverages and vegan verse meat eater in there as well. How about this, lets choose someone based on the actual credentials of abilities to run a successful government.
                Another “why” we should be asking is why are not better prepared for when our troops come back home. I’m not sure if anyone has thought of this yet but as our troops come back, they will be walking into quite the situation here. There are already shortages of jobs for people to choose from and now we will be bringing back those that fought for our country to no jobs for them. Does this make me angry? Hell yes it does because I can see how these poor solders will be screwed in the long run. Give me a minute to explain how this will happen. The war will be ending therefore cutbacks in military spending will take place and reduction in need of militia will happen. Now during times of declared war, those enlisted will have job protection so when they do return, the original job will be there. That protection will be out the window with the war declared over and leave most solders going into jobs that they no longer want or can do because of possible injures the sustained. With no job and unable to return to the military, what will happen to the thousands of people?
                These are just a couple of the “why’s” I have been thinking of lately. As young children, our parents and teachers encouraged us to ask “why”, and how and all those other things that would trigger an answer. Then as we get older, the “why’s” are no longer acceptable to ask. Try going into your boss’s office and asking why you get paid less than the new guy just hired to do less work than you. I’m sure that conversation will go well. Try asking you city mayor or city council why property taxes keep going up yet the condition of the streets and depressed areas in the town are not being helped. If you even get an answer it will be nothing but double talk. Maybe, just maybe it’s time to try asking all those why questions again and keep asking until you get an answer.

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