Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The hype begins for iPhone 5.

     So it has become official that Apple will be having it’s “let’s all worship the new iPhone” conference on October 4th. There will be pretty posters and many press reporters there to drool on the new handset that will grace our shelves soon. Of course it will be held in the mecca of Cupertino, California with a possibly showing from Tim Cook. AT that time we can see all the awesome new features like, umm a new display or something!! Whatever it is, it’s going to be the best thing ever!!! Did that come off as sarcastic? I hope so because that what I’m shooting for.
     Listen, I like a good tech toy just like anyone else. If you don’t believe just ask my wife about my addiction. This obsession the country has over this phone is amazing to me. Has anyone realized that once these phones hit the market they are behind a lot of other phone currently out there? I know there are the fan boys and fan girls out there ready to jump down my throat but take a step back and look objectively at say the iPhone 4 and a comparable phone for its time the Droid Incredible. The iPhone 4 came in fixed storage amount of 16 and 32 while the Incredible gives you the flexibility to change out micro SD card to store as much as you want. Another huge difference between these two was the fact Apple does not allow flash to be installed on their phones while Droid has it preinstalled on all handsets. From a web surfing perspective, that is a huge selling point for me. I like to have the ability to surf the web without limitations. These are just two factors that made the iPhone 4, in my opinion, dated.
     Now we have an iPhone 5 hitting the streets in probably a month or so and what will we be getting? As with all these phones coming out, everything is a big secret. I will almost bet that there will be no version of a 4G network option out there. Let me clear up the whole 4G confusion before I go any further. 4G is a newer network that gives faster connection speeds to its users. Most carriers do have some version of a 4G network but it is not nationwide for any carrier. I believe Verizon has the biggest 4G network out there right now. Back to the point at hand, if the iPhone 5 comes without a 4G speed, it is immediately outdated. Every other handset maker out there is placing some type of 4G handset for sale, why would you spend the money on one without? Never mind those of you that have an iPhone already that feel the need to get the latest and greatest iPhone that comes out. You people are flat out crazy. I have never seen so many people keep buying the same item over and over again with little changes done to it.
      I know you are going to do whatever you want to do in this situation. It’s your dollar and you should spend it how you feel. My point is maybe the all-knowing iPhone isn’t really that super. Take a look around and shop the other handsets from HTC or Motorola. You may find there is more to offer there than a pretty interface and same old software underneath.

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