Monday, August 1, 2011

Randy Moss retiring and Plaxico Burress finds a home

Today marks the end of one career and the rebirth of another. Randy Moss has announced he will be retiring from professional football and Plaxico Burress signed a $3 million deal with the Ney York Jets. Both are brilliant moves for each player considering where they are in their respective careers.

Randy Moss over the last couple of seasons has been nothing short of miserable and malcontent. I still believe he will get his place into the hall of fame but will end his career on a rather dismal note. Back in the early stages of his career, Randy had unbelievable speed, ability and desire. He also had a mouth and attitude to go along with it. The Culpepper to Moss connection back in the early 2000’s had defense coordinators frustrated most of the time. How do you defend against the “I’m just gonna throw it high Randy. Jump up and get it!” play. As Randy began to establish a name for him, that is when he had more to say off the field than on. There are so many different things but his memorable stunt in Green Bay is the one you will see in many highlight reels when Randy is brought up. Randy ended his time in Minnesota and headed off to have two uneventful seasons in Oakland. In my opinion, it was more of a money stop for him. Oakland seems to be the team to go to when you want to get paid for little work. In 2007, the Patriots made an offer to take the, at that time, very vocal and malcontented Moss off their hands. The next three seasons in New England were some of the best Randy had had. Not only did he break the single season touchdown receiving record but came very close to getting a super bowl ring. The final year in New England was nothing short of classic Randy Moss. Taking jabs at management for him not being extended, press conference antics and just overall malcontent attitude. During the 2010 season Moss was sent to the Minnesota Vikings to see if he could continue his career there. After four games back in Minnesota, Randy was shipped off to Tennessee where he did little to nothing as far as plays or playing time. With no real offers on the table, retiring is the best choice for him. I don’t see Randy coming back like some other players we have seen in the past.

Plaxico Burress made his move by going to a team that strives on being the underdog, the New York Jets. If there was ever a fit made to be, it is this one. You have a receiver trying to rebuild his career and Rex loves those types of players. He took Tomlinson and look how things have worked out for him. The deal is reported to be worth $3 million which is less than what it would have taken to keep Edwards there. With Burress you are getting a steady receiver but not a burner. Plaxico has never been known to light up the field with his speed but is savvy enough to get the yards needed. The downside with Plaxico is the man you are getting. Plaxico has his past with the time spent in jail for shooting himself, but there was the player before that. Taking off plays, skipping practice and giving his teammates hard times about participation was his persona. Maybe his time away from the game will help his desire, but only time will tell. There is also the factor of playing with Mark Sanchez, not exactly a premier quarterback. Will lack of throws to Burress cause the old payer to emerge? We will have to wait and see.

So we have out with the old and in with the paroled. One thing I can say about the NFL, the league gives a lot of chances to its players.

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