Tuesday, August 9, 2011

College and Pro Football rankings and odds

     Good day to everyone out there in internet land and welcome to Views from the Northeast. My name is Jim and I will be your guide today on topics such as global warming, economics and other politics. Ok, that is an outright lie. I won’t be talking at all about any of those things after yesterday’s tales of woe. I will say this much, the stock market did a great turn around gaining back most of what it lost with a 400+ point closing. Good job to those that picked up all those low stock from the people that sold of yesterday. Way to go capitalism!! Nope, I figured with the summer ending and back to school commercials on every other channel right now I would get into my favorite subject for this time of year, football.

     We are nine days into August which means we are 23 days away from the college football season and 30 days from the NFL kicking off their season. Why don’t we take a look at the preseason ranking for college and the odds for the NFL and come back later in the season to see if they got it right. We all know most of the time they don’t but it’s always good to have a starting point, right?

     Let’s jump into college first. Right now the top five teams ranked by the USA Today Poll are Oklahoma at number one, Alabama at two, Oregon at three, LSU at number four and Florida State rounding out the top five. These teams are projected to be battling for the BCS title at the close of the football season. Oklahoma finished at 12-2 last season but will be tested second game in when they face Florida State. For college fans, that is a game to circle on the calendar. Alabama finished out at 10-3 last season and look to improve on that mark. As far as facing a preseason top five team, they will not see one until November when they face LSU. Oregon gets to prove it deserves its ranking by facing LSU opening week. They finished last season at 12-1. LSU had an 11-2 record and as stated previously, will have to face Oregon week one. Florida State finished at 10-4 and has a few easy games prior to facing Oklahoma in week three. If you’re wondering where last year’s BCS winner Auburn is ranked, they come in at 19.

     Now let’s take a look at what the odds are from the boys out in the desert. I would like to add that this is for entertainment purposes only, unless you live in Las Vegas then go have fun. The teams are done alphabetically.

Arizona            50 to 1         
Atlanta             12 to 1       
Baltimore         12 to 1      
Buffalo           150 to 1        
Carolina         150 to 1  
Chicago           35 to 1        
Cincinnati       100 to 1  
Cleveland         60 to 1      
Dallas               20 to 1            
Denver              60 to 1         
Detroit              22 to 1          
Green Bay          6 to 1    
Houston            32 to 1        
Indianapolis      10 to 1  
Jacksonville      60 to 1
Kansas City     30 to 1  
Miami              40 to 1         
Minnesota        35 to 1     
New England     6 to 1 
New Orleans   12 to 1
N.Y Giants      20 to 1   
N.Y Jets          12 to 1     
Oakland           50 to 1        
Philadelphia       6 to 1    
Pittsburgh        10 to 1
St Louis           50 to 1            
Tampa Bay      60 to 1 
Washington     90 to 1

     So it looks like we could see New England against Green Bay or Philly in the final game if the odds are correct. Only time will tell. Feel free to comment below on the odds for the pros or who you think will win the BCS title this year.

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