Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Deathly Hallows hits the big screen in London and the reviews are in...

     The final installment on the Harry Potter series has its world premier in London tomorrow. The Potter fans have been waiting for this ever since Voldemort took the wand from Dumbledore's grave. The question is do the critics feel the same.way.

     The Hollywood Reporter is saying the movie is fitting finale and justifies the splitting of the final novel. The London Sun, Evening Standard, and Daily Telegraph have given the movie high ratings. The only complaint that has come up has been the length of the movie. From what is being said is the movie runs in at 131 minutes.

     Harry Potter will be hitting the U.S. screens on July 15th. Being a fan of the movies, I'm looking forward to this conclusion. My family and I have watched every movie and the kids and my wife have read all the books. It will be sad to see it end as it was a family event that we all got excited over. We have my mother-in-law coming up for the next couple of weeks and she is a huge Potter fan as well. It will be nice for the kids and everyone to get together for the final viewing.

     Will this be the fitting ending the series needs? The critics across the pond seem to think so. Will we be just as happy? We'll have our answer on July 15th.

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