Tuesday, July 5, 2011

RE Mercs save issue resolved, sort of.

     By now most of us have heard about Capcom making the saves on their new Resident Evil games permanent. Capcom gave a rather nice FAQ and double speak press release on why the game has been designed that way. Well the lovely folks over at G4 once again dig through the interwebs to find a solution, even if it will cost extra.

     EMS Productions has designed an USB dangle that you can attach the DS games to so you can back them up to a computer. The key feature with that is you can wipe the saves from the game as well. The device is said to work with Windows computers but has had some issues playing nicely with Macs. Not sure what the specific issues are but will see what info I can find out. The cost for this device has been said to be around $30.

     Is this worth it? I guess it depends on where the industry is heading. If we are looking at the permasave being a standard practise, this is worth its weight in gold. There are quite a few who buy second hand games so to have the ability to wipe them and start fresh is huge. I think this save process will become the normal coding in games. Just another shot fired in the battle for used games sales. Only time will tell but should be interesting to see if there becomes and issue between EMS and Capcom.

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