Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Big Brother has started and already I'm not happy.

     Ok, I'll admit it. I do watch the occasional reality television show. I have a short list and it includes Survivor, Gene Simmons family jewels, Run's house and Big Brother. Most of the other shows out there are more catty fighting garbage so I stay away from them *cough* any housewives show *cough*.

     On Thursday night, the summer sensation spectacle that is Big Brother began. This years contestants have been a selection of previous players and newbies. The immediate twist put in play is that the contestants had to pair up and play as a team. Nothing new for BB but it forced the newbies to select a partner unknown to them while former teammates from past BB's came into the house. For a list if the teams, jump on over to the Big Brother site over at CBS. I'm not going into a comprehensive listing of folks. I was only looking forward to one team, actually one player. Evil Dick.

     For those of you who aren't familiar with BB, Dick Donate is a previous winner of BB who was asked to come back with his daughter and participate again. The subplot to this is he took his daughter to the finals when he last one. The finale to that show wasn't pretty. YouTube it if you want to see it. Wasn't violent or anything, just really awkward. Then the plot-under-the-subplot-plot is Dick and his daughter haven't spoke to each other in three years! This had all the makings of a Springer family moment with all sorts of insanity to fallout. Alas, we will not have that. Reports have Evil Dick leaving the show due to personal reasons. CBS has said they will have all questioned answered on the July 13 show.

     Maybe there might be someone else that can rise to the occasion and rub the house guests the same way that Dick use to but not sure if I want to stick around for that. Tonight is another episode so we will see what turns out.

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