Thursday, June 30, 2011

Capcom explains "confusion" on Resident Evil saves

     This is a follow up from my post yesterday concerning the new game from Capcom. The updated information is from the Capcom forums and, of course, the ever popular The Feed over at G4. It seems there is some confusion on the saving portion of the game. Not sure where the confusion lies because I see this pretty cut and dry. The only confusion here is how Capcom is taking away the choice of gamers to purchase a new or used copy. You all know my thoughts on the used game business right now. If not, check out my previous posts.

     It seems Capcom wasn't trying to cheapen the effect of a used version of RE. The message from a post on the Capcom forums stating that the idea was to create a game that once you unlock an item or character, that item would stay unlocked for future use, like an arcade game. What the hell is that? I thought the whole point of replaying a game was to see if you could better your previous efforts. If I go through a game and unlock everything and can't try to do that again, why am I playing it? On the used side, why would I buy a game that all the items have been unlocked? That essentially leaves me with no motivation to play that game. I have been a huge fan of the RE series. It is one of the very few games I buy new when it hits the shelf. So Capcom using this new “unlocked” version of programming doesn't effect me as much on the front side. Purchasing new, I won't have to worry about the saving issue. Now, with the paltry trade in I get for games now, this RE game has potentially no value on the used market. I'm not so sure I want to fork out the full price for a game knowing there is no possible return. Of course it is a retail purchase and most items we do purchase that way have no vale after final sale. But this is a different market and to throttle my possible return leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

     Is this going to be the way the industry tries to cripple the used game market? After market games have been the one saving grace in a very bad economy for the gaming industry as a whole. Granted, the main player don't see much, if any a return on the initial used game sale. The perk with the used game for the developers is the micro-transactions. Map packs, additional content, avatar items all add up to revenue at very little overhead. Don't be greedy Capcom. Just because you force the game to be enjoyed as a new item doesn't mean we will buy it. Limit our choices, we will limit our purchases.

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