Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bulger Courtroom Drama, Act One.

     Another day, another step towards the pending drama series, "Bulger vs the World". Today brought the delay, yet again, on deciding if a tax payer funded attorney would represent the elder mob figure. This delay wasn't from US District Judge Mark Wolf's lack of effort but because there is already a monkeywrench thrown into the process.

     US District Attorney Carmen Ortiz submitted a request to drop racketeering charges against Bulger. The reason Ortiz submitted the request was based on the focus of the murders. Ortiz felt the racketeering indictment didn't have enough evidence to support a conviction. Bulger's current attorney Peter Krupp argued there should be an option to hear this dismissal in court with Bulger present.

     So, the drama begins to unfold. Ortiz wants to go right to the main course while Krupp wants an appetizer. The funny part is Krupp allegedly isn't going to be Bulger's attorney. Talk about hanging onto the limelight. WCVB-TV in Boston is reporting Bulger's to be named legal team is Howard M. Cooper and Max Stern. Both are very high profile and well respected lawyers in Massachusetts. Maybe we should get the issue of attorney's settled before filing motions.

     This trial is already shaping up to be one of Boston legend. Everyone in this town will say they were either there or knew someone involved in this case one way or another. Why start the legal drama before we know all the players? Does anyone really think Whitey cares if the charges are dropped? Wanna bet he is sitting in his cell laughing at the whole ordeal? I would if it was me. Bulger knows the chances of him seeing the outside legally are slim to none. Even if he has the two attorney's named representing him, it will be hard to avoid 19 murder charges. All the prosecution needs is one for Whitey to stay in jail. I believe there is a game here none of us will ever understand happen in the background. There are people that need to C.Y.A so when Whitey does go down, he doesn't take that many with him. You don't stay on the run without running. People knew and those people are in powerful spots. This is merely a stall for those involved to get the ducks is a row, so to speak.

     I'm not accusing anyone one of anything but watch how this man's time on the run becomes more focus than the murders. Just a hunch...
     So to round out the cast so far we have Ortiz for prosecution, Wolf as your judge, Krupp as attorney one, Cooper and potential attorney two, and Stern as attorney three. Bulger is the accused and expect a cast of who's who of organized crime informants trolling through. This is only the beginning folks because this is going to be a long trial.

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