Sunday, June 5, 2011

The all out geek week! Welcome to E3!

Starting today begins the invasion on L.A. From around the country and the world people with the gaming industry will be arriving for E3. This will be an interesting year for the industry. Nintendo has made it well known on their intent of showing off a new console. I think this is a bold move by them. Essentially they are jumping the gun on the others consoles to get an edge. Sony is in the middle of one of the biggest network intrusions that I can remember. I am not sure how they will manage this week without having to deal with the avalanche of concerns on those issues. Of course Sony will announce their intentions of the new console. Maybe some new IP's and a few other updates on known games like Uncharted but that may not be enough the wipe away some of the grime. Microsoft has been pretty quite with any type of drama or issues. This could be one of those years where they will reveal some info on a new console and games but I expect a relatively strong but quiet showing.

I will be keeping track and shoot updates down as I receive them. The press conferences will be rolling out and I will try and shift through and find the golden nuggets of info for everyone.

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