Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Sony beating continues...

     In case you aren't keeping score in the Sony verse the world of hackers, lets just say the hackers are winning by a wide margin. Not only has Sony lost millions of dollars on the hacking and outage of the Play Station Network, now other divisions of Sony are starting to feel the pain. Sony Music Entertainment Japan was hacked as well as thousands of accounts from a Canadian Sony Ericsson eShop. There is also been accounts of Sony Music Greece having been accessed for phone numbers, emails, and passwords on over 8,000 accounts.

     I may be crazy but I think Sony may have a bit of a security issue in their company. When do you think they will look into closing all these loopholes? As a consumer, why would i want to do business with a company that can't keep my purchasing information secure. I wrote in this very blog on how Sony should learn from what has happened. I lamented on how time will help Sony more than anything else they can do from a public relations standpoint. I didn't think they would really go that route. It seems to me Sony isn't really concerned with anything other than running business as usual. I know there is a group of people out there making Sony's life miserable right now. They are doing one hell of a job and at this rate, Sony should roll over and play dead.

     Once again, its the little guys handing the big company their ass. If this continues, consumer confidence will drop lower and lower for a company that has been struggling over the past couple of years to make profits. Stock holders are only going to tolerate so much before a sacrificial lamb is requested for slaughter.

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